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Pronunciation: (but'lur), [key]
1. the chief male servant of a household, usually in charge of serving food, the care of silverware, etc.
2. a male servant having charge of the wines and liquors.


Pronunciation: (but'lur), [key]
1. Benjamin Franklin, 1818–93, U.S. politician and a Union general in the Civil War.
2. Joseph, 1692–1752, English bishop, theologian, and author.
3. Nicholas Murray, 1862–1947, U.S. educator: president of Columbia University 1902–45; Nobel peace prize 1931.
4. Pierce, 1866–1939, U.S. jurist: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1923–39.
5. Samuel, 1612–80, English poet.
6. Samuel, 1835–1902, English novelist, essayist, and satirist.
7. Smedley Dar•ling•ton Pronunciation: (smed'lē där'ling-tun), [key] 1881–1940, U.S. Marine Corps general.
8. a city in W Pennsylvania. 17,026.

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