Pronunciation: (kōv), [key]
n., v., coved, cov•ing.

1. a small indentation or recess in the shoreline of a sea, lake, or river.
2. a sheltered nook.
3. a hollow or recess in a mountain; cave; cavern.
4. a narrow pass between woods or hills.
5. a sheltered area between woods or hills.
6. Archit.
a. a concave surface or molding.
b. a concave surface forming part of a ceiling at its edge so as to eliminate the usual interior angle between the wall and ceiling.

v.t., v.i.
to make or become a cove.


Pronunciation: (kōv), [key]
1. Brit. Slang.a person; fellow.
2. Australian Slang.a manager, esp. of a sheep station.

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