Pronunciation: (flī'ing), [key]
1. making flight or passing through the air; that flies: a flying insect; an unidentified flying object.
2. floating, fluttering, waving, hanging, or moving freely in the air: flying banners; flying hair.
3. extending through the air.
4. moving swiftly.
5. made while moving swiftly: a flying leap.
6. very hasty or brief; fleeting or transitory: a flying visit; a flying remark.
7. designed or organized for swift movement or action.
8. fleeing, running away, or taking flight: They pursued the flying enemy.
9. Naut.(of a sail) having none of its edges fastened to spars or stays.

the act of moving through the air on wings; flight.

Naut.without being fastened to a yard, stay, or the like: a sail set flying.

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fly-inflying boat
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