Pronunciation: (gal'u-rē, gal'rē), [key]
pl. -ler•ies.

1. a raised area, often having a stepped or sloping floor, in a theater, church, or other public building to accommodate spectators, exhibits, etc.
2. the uppermost of such areas in a theater, usually containing the cheapest seats.
3. the occupants of such an area in a theater.
4. the general public, esp. when regarded as having popular or uncultivated tastes.
5. any group of spectators or observers, as at a golf match, a Congressional session, etc.
6. a room, series of rooms, or building devoted to the exhibition and often the sale of works of art.
7. a long covered area, narrow and open at one or both sides, used esp. as a walk or corridor.
8. Chiefly South Atlantic States.a long porch or portico; veranda.
9. a long, relatively narrow room, esp. one for public use.
10. a corridor, esp. one having architectural importance through its scale or decorative treatment.
11. a raised, balconylike platform or passageway running along the exterior wall of a building inside or outside.
12. a large room or building used for photography, target practice, or other special purposes: a shooting gallery.
13. a collection of art for exhibition.
14. Theat.a narrow, raised platform located beyond the acting area, used by stagehands or technicians to stand on when working.
15. Naut.a projecting balcony or structure on the quarter or stern of a vessel.
16. ornamental railing or cresting surrounding the top of a table, stand, desk, etc.
17. Mining.a level or drift.
18. a small tunnel in a dam, mine, or rock, for various purposes, as inspection or drainage.
19. a passageway made by an animal.
20. Fort. underground or covered passage to another part of a fortified position.
21. play to the gallery, to attempt to appeal to the popular taste, as opposed to a more refined or esoteric taste: Movies, though still playing mainly to the gallery, have taken their place as a significant art form.

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