Pronunciation: (hop'ur), [key]
1. a person or thing that hops.
2. Informal.a person who travels or moves frequently from one place or situation to another (usually used in combination): a two-week tour designed for energetic city-hoppers.
3. any of various jumping insects, as grasshoppers or leafhoppers.
4. Australian.kangaroo.
5. a funnel-shaped chamber or bin in which loose material, as grain or coal, is stored temporarily, being filled through the top and dispensed through the bottom.
6. Railroads.See hopper car.
7. U.S. Politics.a box into which a proposed legislative bill is dropped and thereby officially introduced.
8. one of the pieces at each side of a hopper casement.
9. in the hopper, preparation; about to be realized: Plans for the class reunion are in the hopper.


Pronunciation: (hop'ur), [key]
1. Edward, 1882–1967, U.S. painter and etcher.
2. Grace Murray, 1906–92, U.S. naval officer and computer scientist.
3. (William) De WolfPronunciation: (du-woolf), [key] 1858–1935, U.S. actor.

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