Pronunciation: (im-presh'un), [key]
1. a strong effect produced on the intellect, feelings, conscience, etc.
2. the first and immediate effect of an experience or perception upon the mind; sensation.
3. the effect produced by an agency or influence.
4. a notion, remembrance, belief, etc., often of a vague or indistinct nature: He had a general impression of lights, voices, and the clinking of silver.
5. a mark, indentation, figure, etc., produced by pressure.
6. an image in the mind caused by something external to it.
7. the act of impressing; state of being impressed.
8. Dentistry.a mold taken, in plastic materials or plaster of Paris, of teeth and the surrounding tissues.
9. an imitation of the voice, mannerisms, and other traits of a person, esp. a famous person, as by an entertainer: The comedian did a hilarious impression of the president.
10. Chiefly Print.
a. the process or result of printing from type, plates, etc.
b. a printed copy from type, a plate, an engraved block, etc.
c. one of a number of printings made at different times from the same set of type, without alteration (distinguished from edition).
d. the total number of copies of a book, pamphlet, etc., printed at one time from one setting of type or from one set of plates.
11. Metalworking.a portion of a die having in reverse the intended form of an object to be forged.

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