Pronunciation: (lid), [key]
n., v., lid•ded, lid•ding.

1. a removable or hinged cover for closing the opening, usually at the top, of a pot, jar, trunk, etc.; a movable cover.
2. an eyelid.
3. a restraint, ceiling, or curb, as on prices or news.
4. Slang.a hat, cap, or other head covering.
5. (in mosses)
a. the cover of the capsule; operculum.
b. the upper section of a pyxidium.
6. ounce of marijuana.
7. blow the lid off, expose to public view, esp. to reveal something scandalous, illegal, etc.
8. blow or flip one's lid, lose control, esp. to rage hysterically: He nearly flipped his lid over the way they damaged his car. Also,flip one's wig.

to supply or cover with a lid.

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