Pronunciation: (loor), [key]
n., v., lured, lur•ing.

1. anything that attracts, entices, or allures.
2. the power of attracting or enticing.
3. a decoy; live or esp. artificial bait used in fishing or trapping.
4. Falconry.a feathered decoy for attracting a hawk, swung at the end of a long line and sometimes baited with raw meat.
5. a flap or tassel dangling from the dorsal fin of pediculate fishes, as the angler, that attracts prey to the mouth region.
6. in lure, Heraldry.noting a pair of wings joined with the tips downward (opposed to a vol).

1. to attract, entice, or tempt; allure.
2. to draw or recall (esp. a falcon), as by a lure or decoy.

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