Pronunciation: (
n.out'sīd', -sīd";
adj.out"sīd', out'-;
prep.out"sīd', out'sīd"),
1. the outer side, surface, or part; exterior: The outside of the house needs painting.
2. the external aspect or appearance.
3. the space without or beyond an enclosure, institution, boundary, etc.: a prisoner about to resume life on the outside.
4. a position away or farther away from the inside or center: The horse on the outside finished second.
5. an outside passenger or place on a coach or other vehicle.
6. Northern Canada and Alaska. (sometimes cap.) the settled or more populous part of Canada or the U.S.
7. at the outside, at the utmost limit; at the maximum: There weren't more than ten at the outside.

1. being, acting, done, or originating beyond an enclosure, boundary, etc.: outside noises; news from the outside world.
2. situated on or pertaining to the outside; exterior; external: an outside television antenna.
3. situated away from the inside or center; farther or farthest away from the inside or center: the outside lane.
4. not belonging to or connected with a specified institution, society, etc.: outside influences; outside help.
5. extremely unlikely or remote: an outside chance for recovery.
6. extreme or maximum: an outside estimate.
7. being in addition to one's regular work or duties: an outside job.
8. working on or assigned to the outside, as of a place or organization: an outside man to care for the grounds.
9. Baseball.(of a pitched ball) passing, but not going over, home plate on the side opposite the batter: The fastball was high and outside.

1. on or to the outside, exterior, or space without: Take the dog outside.
2. in or to an area that is removed from or beyond a given place or region: The country's inhabitants seldom travel outside.

1. on or toward the outside of: There was a noise outside the door.
2. beyond the confines or borders of: visitors from outside the country.
3. with the exception of; aside from: She has no interests outside her work.
4. outside of, other than; exclusive of; excepting: Outside of us, no one else came to the party.

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