Pronunciation: (plēd), [key]
v., plead•ed or pled; plead•ing.

1. to appeal or entreat earnestly: to plead for time.
2. to use arguments or persuasions, as with a person, for or against something: She pleaded with him not to take the job.
3. to afford an argument or appeal: His youth pleads for him.
4. Law.
a. to make any allegation or plea in an action at law.
b. to put forward an answer on the part of a defendant to a legal declaration or charge.
c. to address a court as an advocate.
d. prosecute a suit or action at law.

1. to allege or urge in defense, justification, or excuse: to plead ignorance.
2. Law.
a. to maintain (a cause) by argument before a court.
b. to allege or set forth (something) formally in an action at law.
c. to allege or cite in legal defense: to plead a statute of limitations.

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