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Pronunciation: (rôth'chīld, rôths'-, roth-, roths'-; Ger. rōt'shilt), [key]
1. Lionel Nathan, Baron de (“Lord Natty”), 1809–79, English banker: first Jewish member of Parliament (son of Nathan Meyer Rothschild).
2. May•er Pronunciation: (mī'ur, mā'ur; Ger. mī'ur) [key] or Mey•erPronunciation: (mī'ur; Ger. mī'ur) [key] Am•schelPronunciation: (am'shul; Ger. äm'shul) [key] or An•selmPronunciation: (an'selm; Ger. än'zelm), [key] 1743–1812, German banker: founder of the Rothschild family and international banking firm.
3. his son,Nathan Meyer, Baron de, 1777–1836, English banker, born in Germany.

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