Pronunciation: (splint), [key]
1. a thin piece of wood or other rigid material used to immobilize a fractured or dislocated bone, or to maintain any part of the body in a fixed position.
2. one of a number of thin strips of wood woven together to make a chair seat, basket, etc.
3. Vet. exostosis or bony enlargement of a splint bone of a horse or a related animal.
4. Armor.
a. any of a number of narrow plates or lames joined with rivets or a backing to form a piece of armor.
b. a partial vambrace protecting only the outer part of the arm.
5. Brit. Dial.a splinter of wood or stone.

1. to secure, hold in position, or support by means of a splint or splints, as a fractured bone.
2. to support as if with splints.

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