Pronunciation: (tā'pur), [key]
1. to become smaller or thinner toward one end.
2. to grow gradually lean.

1. to make gradually smaller toward one end.
2. to reduce gradually.
3. taper off,
a. to become gradually more slender toward one end.
b. to cease by degrees; decrease; diminish: The storm is beginning to taper off now. I haven't stopped smoking entirely, but I'm tapering off to three cigarettes a day.

1. gradual diminution of width or thickness in an elongated object.
2. gradual decrease of force, capacity, etc.
3. anything having a tapering form, as a spire or obelisk.
4. a candle, esp. a very slender one.
5. a long wick coated with wax, tallow, or the like, as for use in lighting candles or gas.


Pronunciation: (tā'pur), [key]
a person who records or edits magnetic tape, videotape, etc.

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