Pronunciation: (tom'us for 1, 2, 4–14; tô-mä' for 3), [key]
1. an apostle who demanded proof of Christ's Resurrection. John 20:24–29.
2. Augustus, 1857–1934, U.S. playwright, journalist, and actor.
3. (Charles Louis) Am•broise Pronunciation: (sharl lwē än-brwaz'), [key] 1811–96, French composer.
4. Clarence, born 1948, U.S. jurist: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court since 1991.
5. Dyl•an (Mar•lais) Pronunciation: (dil'un mär'lā), [key] 1914–53, Welsh poet and short-story writer.
6. George Henry, 1816–70, Union general in the U.S. Civil War.
7. John, 1724–76, American physician and general in the American Revolution.
8. Lowell (Jackson), 1892–1981, U.S. newscaster, world traveler, and writer.
9. Martha Carey, 1857–1935, U.S. educator and women's-rights advocate.
10. Norman (Mat•toon) Pronunciation: (mu-tOOn'), [key] 1884–1968, U.S. socialist leader and political writer.
11. Seth, 1785–1859, U.S. clock designer and manufacturer.
12. Theodore, 1835–1905, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in Germany.
13. William Isaac, 1863–1947, U.S. sociologist.
14. See doubting Thomas.
15. a male given name: from an Aramaic word meaning “twin.”

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