Pronunciation: (ting'kur), [key]
1. a mender of pots, kettles, pans, etc., usually an itinerant.
2. an unskillful or clumsy worker; bungler.
3. a person skilled in various minor kinds of mechanical work; jack-of-all-trades.
4. an act or instance of tinkering: Let me have a tinker at that motor.
5. Scot., Irish Eng.
a. a gypsy.
b. any itinerant worker.
c. a wanderer.
d. a beggar.
6. See chub mackerel.

1. to busy oneself with a thing without useful results: Stop tinkering with that clock and take it to the repair shop.
2. to work unskillfully or clumsily at anything.
3. to do the work of a tinker.

1. to mend as a tinker.
2. to repair in an unskillful, clumsy, or makeshift way.

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