Pronunciation: (tin'sul), [key]
n., adj., v., -seled, -sel•ing or (esp. Brit.) -selled, -sel•ling.

1. a glittering metallic substance, as copper or brass, in thin sheets, used in pieces, strips, threads, etc., to produce a sparkling effect cheaply.
2. a metallic yarn, usually wrapped around a core yarn of silk, rayon, or cotton, for weaving brocade or lamé.
3. anything showy or attractive with little or no real worth; showy pretense: The actress was tired of the fantasy and tinsel of her life.
4. Obs.a fabric, formerly in use, of silk or wool interwoven with threads of gold, silver, or, later, copper.

1. consisting of or containing tinsel.
2. showy; gaudy; tawdry.

1. to adorn with tinsel.
2. to adorn with anything glittering.
3. to make showy or gaudy.

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