Pronunciation: (tuft), [key]
1. a bunch or cluster of small, usually soft and flexible parts, as feathers or hairs, attached or fixed closely together at the base and loose at the upper ends.
2. a cluster of short, fluffy threads, used to decorate cloth, as for a bedspread, robe, bath mat, or window curtain.
3. a cluster of cut threads, used as a decorative finish attached to the tying or holding threads of mattresses, quilts, upholstery, etc.
4. a covered or finished button designed for similar use.
5. a cluster of short-stalked flowers, leaves, etc., growing from a common point.
6. a small clump of bushes, trees, etc.
7. a gold tassel on the cap formerly worn at English universities by titled undergraduates.
8. a titled undergraduateat an English university.

1. to furnish or decorate with a tuft or tufts.
2. to arrange in a tuft or tufts.
3. draw together (a cushion or the like) by passing a thread through at regular intervals, the depressions thus produced being usually ornamented with tufts or buttons.

to form into or grow in a tuft or tufts.

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