Pronunciation: (un-tuch'u-bul), [key]
1. that may not be touched; of a nature such that it cannot be touched; not palpable; intangible.
2. too distant to be touched.
3. vile or loathsome to the touch.
4. beyond criticism, control, or suspicion: Modern writers consider no subject untouchable.

1. Hinduism.a member of a lower caste in India whose touch is believed to defile a high-caste Hindu; Harijan.
2. a person who is beyond reproach as to honesty, diligence, etc.
3. a person disregarded or shunned by society or a particular group; social outcast: political untouchables.
4. a person or thing considered inviolable or beyond criticism: such untouchables as Social Security in the federal budget.

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