Pronunciation: (vu-len'shē-u, -shu, -sē-u; Sp. bä-len'syä or, for 2, 3, -thyä), [key]
1. Guil•ler•mo Le•ón Pronunciation: (gē-yer'mô le-ôn'), [key] 1909–71, Colombian diplomat and statesman: president 1962–66.
2. a province in E Spain: the region was formerly a Moorish kingdom. 1,767,327; 9085 sq. mi. (23,530 sq. km).
3. a seaport in E Spain. 700,000.
4. a city in N Venezuela. 463,418.
5. a variety of the sweet orange, Citrus sinensis, originally from the Mediterranean area and cultivated extensively in Florida and California.
6. Also,Va•len•ti•aPronunciation: (vu-len'shē-u, -shu). [key]a female given name.

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