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Pronunciation: (vē"zu-vē'; Fr. vē-za-vē'), [key]
adv., adj., prep., n., pl. -visPronunciation: (-vēz'; Fr. -vē'). [key]

face to face: They sat vis-à-vis at the table.

1. face-to-face: a vis-à-vis encounter.
2. Numis.(of a coin) having two portraits facing each other.

1. in relation to; compared with: income vis-à-vis expenditures.
2. facing; opposite: They were now vis-à-vis the most famous painting in the Louvre.

1. a person face to face with or situated opposite to another: He offered a cigarette to his vis-à-vis.
2. a date at a social affair: She introduced her vis-à-vis to the hostess.
3. a person of equal authority, rank, or the like: my vis-à-vis in the Louisville office.
4. a carriage in which the occupants sit face to face.
5. Furniture.tête-à-tête (def. 2).

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