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Pronunciation: (web'stur), [key]
n. Archaic.
a weaver.


Pronunciation: (web'stur), [key]
1. Daniel, 1782–1852, U.S. statesman and orator.
2. John, c1580–1625?, English dramatist.
3. Margaret, 1905–72, British stage director, producer, and actress, born in the U.S.
4. Noah, 1758–1843, U.S. lexicographer and essayist.
5. William H(edg•cock) Pronunciation: (hej'kok"), [key] born 1924, U.S. judge and government official: director of the FBI since 1978.
6. a city in central Massachusetts. 14,480.
7. Informal.a dictionary of the English language. Also,Web'ster's.

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