Pronunciation: (hwig, wig), [key]
v.i., whigged, whig•ging. Scot.
to move along briskly.


Pronunciation: (hwig, wig), [key]
1. Amer. Hist.
a. a member of the patriotic party during the Revolutionary period; supporter of the Revolution.
b. a member of a political party (c1834–1855) that was formed in opposition to the Democratic party, and favored economic expansion and a high protective tariff, while opposing the strength of the presidency in relation to the legislature.
2. Brit. Politics.
a. a member of a major political party (1679–1832) in Great Britain that held liberal principles and favored reforms: later called the Liberal party.
b. (in later use) one of the more conservative members of the Liberal party.

1. being a Whig.
2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Whigs.

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