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Pronunciation: (rīt), [key]
a worker, esp. a constructive worker (used chiefly in combination): a wheelwright; a playwright.


Pronunciation: (rīt), [key]
1. Charles, born 1935, U.S. poet.
2. Frances or Fanny, 1795–1852, U.S. abolitionist and social reformer, born in Scotland.
3. Frank Lloyd, 1867–1959, U.S. architect.
4. James, 1927–80, U.S. poet and translator.
5. Joseph (Wright of Derby), 1734–97, English painter.
6. Joseph, 1855–1935, English philologist and lexicographer.
7. Mary Kathryn (Mickey), born 1935, U.S. golfer.
8. Or•ville Pronunciation: (ôr'vil), [key] 1871–1948, and his brother Wilbur, 1867–1912, U.S. aeronautical inventors.
9. Richard, 1908–60, U.S. novelist.
10. Rus•sel Pronunciation: (rus'ul), [key] 1904–76, U.S. industrial designer.
11. Willard Huntington (S. S. Van Dine), 1888–1939, U.S. journalist, critic, and author.
12. a male given name.

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